Porcelain Songbird Home

The unique design of this birdhouse helps protect cavity dwellers from predators. The egg-shaped design and strategic entrance-hole location add interest to this birdhouse while making it difficult for predators to get in. It's the perfect combination of design and function.
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Cavity-nesting birds like chickadees, titmice and nuthatches look for nesting spots like this. With a 1 1/8 inch entrance hole, larger birds just can't get inside, making it a great way to attract these birds to your yard to stay (at least for the season).

The bottom of this Porcelain Songbird Home has a cleanout cap that allows you easy access to the inside of the birdhouse, after the family has moved out.

Made of high-quality porcelain by Byer of Maine, this birdhouse can be used in the yard or it can also be used inside as a decorative piece! It's beautiful enough to go almost anywhere and comes in four deep colors you can choose from.