Robin-Shaped Birdhouse

Made from renewable wood, hand painted to look like a robin (with non-toxic paints of course) and then covered with a polyurethane coating to improve water-proofing, this Robin-Shaped Birdhouse is something you don't see every day!
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What kind of a robin birdhouse is actually for nesting songbirds? This one! Robin birds actually prefer to nest on shelves, making this bird house a great choice for smaller birds. The 6" across and just over 9" tall home can attract a variety of different birds.

To invite birds to move in quickly, hang this Robin-Shaped Birdhouse in a tree early in the nesting season. Once a pair of birds finds this little birdhouse, they will likely start making a nest quickly. Some birds will make their nest in just a couple of days. It's a real treat to watch birds coming and going from their new home.

Once your bird family moves out (usually in mid to late Summer), just open the clean out to remove old nesting materials. Then you can put the birdhouse back out for another family, or put it away for the season. Some people even bring their Robin-Shaped Birdhouse inside the home after it's cleaned out. It makes a great decoration too!