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Sandy Heated Birdbath

Attract birds with water year-round with this heated birdbath that sits right on the ground. Cardinals, chickadees and other birds that visit winter feeders will appreciate having the fresh water during cold weather.
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This Sandy Heated Birdbath is good looking and designed to be used outdoors in any weather. The heater works when the temperature nears freezing, but can be kept outside year round for your convenience:

  • In warm weather the AC cord tucks in so the birdbath provides fresh water to all of your backyard birds.
  • In freezing cold weather this birdbath becomes an oasis for birds that stay in your area throughout the winter months.

Over 2 feet long and 18.5 inches across, this birdbath can hold a family of splashing or drinking birds at the same time! Just make sure you don't overfill it. Sand-coated and sandy colored, this birdbath is a great way to keep the interest of birds year-round.