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Squirrel Baffles

Red Plexiglas Baffle

Attract the attention of hummingbirds with this bright red baffle, or keep squirrels away from a...


Orange Oriole Feeder Cover

Whether you are feeding migrating orioles or get visited by these friendly birds year-round, it's...


Black Squirrel Guard

This guard helps keep seed-loving songbirds free from harassing squirrels. It's designed to not...


16in. Clear Plastic Squirrel Baffle

This large, clear squirrel baffle lets birds feed comfortably while discouraging squirrels, and...


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Pole Mounted Squirrel Guard

Perfect for protecting pole-mounted bird feeders, this squirrel guard is designed to fit on a 1" OD...

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Recycled Plexiglas Baffle

Whether you are looking for a blue, green, or clear squirrel baffle to protect your bird feeder,...


Green Squirrel Guard

Keep pesky squirrels off of hanging bird feeders with this guard. Birds large and small can eat at...