Simple Hanging Mealworm Feeder

Offer mealworms and treats for bluebirds, orioles and other songbirds with this easy-to-hang mealworm feeder. It has perches for your favorite birds to rest on as they eat a meal of the always-popular mealworms.
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Many bluebird watchers like to offer mealworms in different locations around the yard, in order to attract more nesting bluebirds. This Simple Hanging Mealworm Feeder is a budget-friendly way to offer mealworms at several locations near your home, and comes with the green cord for easy hanging.

At six inches square, the plastic bowl is the perfect size for a pair of bluebirds to eat at. And the four perches make it a comfortable place to rest in between meals. This Simple Hanging Mealworm Feeder has drainage to let water run out, and comes with a cute decorative wooden bead that adds interest.

It's a great little feeder for attracting bluebirds, orioles and other mealworm-loving birds.

Made in USA