Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder

If you are looking for a colorful feeder that will attract bluebirds (and look great in your yard), the Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder is the perfect choice. In rain or shine, this attractive feeder provides a covered place where songbirds can eat!
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This Sky Cafe Bluebird Feeder is attractive and flexible. It holds mealworms, cut up fruit slices, suet balls or in a pinch the cup can even be used to hold jelly. The food is protected by a metal cage that keeps larger birds out and, to top it off, the 17" dome will deter squirrels while keeping birds and their food out of the rain.

You can hang this colorful blue bird feeder from a tree, or on a pole with the recommended Mandarin Sky Cafe Pole Mounting Kit. This beautiful feeder will help make your yard bluebird friendly while keeping robins and other aggressive mealworm-eating birds from getting to the food.!

Made in USA