Sky Cafe Oriole Feeder

Bright orange to attract orioles, this premier bird feeder is designed especially for colorful oriole birds. It's easy for oriole birds to get to the food you put out, but larger birds and squirrels can't get in!
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Easy to fill and easy to clean, this Sky Cafe Oriole Feeder is a great addition to any bird-lover's yard.

  • Attract more of the birds you want with this colorful feeder: The bright orange color and angled roof on the 17" dome helps orioles notice this feeder. Plus the squirrel-proof design keeps their food safe from squirrels and large birds like starlings and jays.
  • Offer a variety of different bird food: The cup in the middle is removable and makes it easy to offer hold jelly or orange slices for orioles, mealworms for bluebirds or the bird food of your choice!
  • Mount it in a convenient location: This Sky Cafe Oriole Feeder comes with a 2-inch hanging chain so you can put it near your deck or on a hanger in the yard. Plus you can also mount it to a pole if you like (pole sold separately).

If you want to spend your summer afternoons watching orioles, this bird feeder is a great choice! And when orioles leave for the year, you can offer food for bluebirds or chickadees for the rest of the season. Enjoy!

Made in USA

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