Soft & Tasty Mealworms

Give your bluebirds the soft and juicy mealworms that they want! There's nothing bluebirds like more than mealworms, and with over 2500 mealworms in every package you have more than enough mealworms to attract bluebirds to your feeders!
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Whether you are thinking about adding a bluebird feeder or are looking for mealworms to fill up your existing feeder, this 2.4 oz. package of mealworms is a great choice! These Soft & Tasty Mealworms are actually canned - not dried or live. The canning process keeps them juicy so they are more like the real thing (only without the hassle of keeping live mealworms). After opening, you will want to refrigerate the can to keep the mealworms fresh.