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Songbird Window Feeder

Attract the birds that you want with this easy-to-use suction cup bird feeder. The window-mounted bird feeder can hold a variety of different foods. Just pick whatever food your favorite birds like and then sit back to enjoy the view.
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There is a lot more to this simple Songbird Window Feeder than meets the eye:

  • Strong suction cups. Three suction cups provide a stable base for this lightweight window bird feeder.
  • Decorative metal bracket. The black metal bracket is durable, and has a songbird and fruit design below where the feeding dish rests, giving you something to look at whether the birds are there eating or not.
  • Clear dish for bird food. The clear plastic food dish is six inches across and has drainage holes to let moisture drain off of the bird food. It locks into the metal bracket, providing a safe place for birds to eat.

Whether you want to offer mealworms for bluebirds, fruit for orioles or seeds for your other songbirds, this window bird feeder is a great choice.