Sophisticated Steel Hummingbird Feeder

It's rare to find a hummingbird feeder made of steel. Rarer yet to find one that is beautiful and perfectly crafted for vibrant hummingbirds. This hummingbird feeder is an example of form and function that come together to create a usable work of art.
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Looking for a beautiful and unique feeder that is perfectly designed to attract hummingbirds? This Sophisticated Steel Hummingbird Feeder has an 8-ounce nectar bottle tucked underneath the steel flower petals. It's easy to remove to clean and refill, yet subtly hidden from view while the birds are eating.

The colorful metal flower petals are made of durable steel so they are UV and rust-resistant. The hummingbird feeder is twelve inches across and about eighteen inches tall. It comes with a hanger so you can add nectar and get started feeding hummingbirds right away.

If stunning colors and beautiful craftsmanship are what you expect from this Sophisticated Steel Hummingbird Feeder, you won't be disappointed. It also makes a wonderful gift.