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Spiral Peanut Feeder

Attract nut-loving birds like woodpeckers, titmice, nuthatches and jays with this 17 inch tall peanut feeder. Chickadees and other songbirds will also enjoy this large peanut feeder, and you can attract an even greater variety of birds if you add the optional Spiral Feeder Tray.
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You'll get a kick out of watching birds move around your Spiral Peanut Feeder. The unique spiral design lets birds go from perch to perch easily, and this feeder is also easy for you to take care of. The stainless steel and aluminum parts are made to last, and the lid locks in to keep pesky squirrels from getting in from the top of the feeder.

The bottom of the Spiral Peanut Feeder twists off for easy cleaning, and the cap is actually held in place by the strong cable which doubles as the hanger for this feeder. No assembly or screws required. Just pick your color (available in copper or red) and then add peanuts. You're ready to go!

Plus get this exclusive offer: Save 40% off the Spiral Feeder Tray when you buy this peanut feeder. The clear tray screws into the bottom of this Spiral Peanut Feeder to attract a wider variety of birds to your yard - including colorful red cardinal birds.