16" Squirrel-Proof Feeder

If you love watching birds, spend more time observing your favorite birds with this squirrel proof bird seed feeder. Even the most clever squirrel won't stand a chance against this feeder that quickly closes off the feeding ports as soon as a squirrel grabs onto the perch!
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Standing over 16" tall and holding 3.5 lbs of bird seed, this Squirrel-Proof Drop Perch Feeder is the perfect choice for a backyard filled with birds.

Made of durable plastic and offering metal perches for your birds to land on, this squirrel proof feeder makes a great choice for bird watching enthusiasts. The perches drop down and the food slot closes if a heavy bird or squirrel tried to climb on, making this feeder just the right size for seed-loving birds.

Made in USA

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