Squirrel-Proof Hopper Feeder

This bright colorful hopper feeder will attract a lot of attention in your yard, but squirrels will be out of luck when they try to get a snack. The spring-loaded perches let songbirds like finches and cardinals eat comfortably while keeping those pesky squirrels away from the bird food.
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Hopper feeders are a favorite of bird watchers across the country because they can attract such a wide variety of birds. This Squirrel-Proof Hopper Feeder can attract red cardinal birds, bright goldfinches, colorful indigo buntings and many more birds. Just add your bird seed of choice to this seed feeder and then sit back to enjoy the view.

In addition to attracting a variety of different birds, this feeder has spring-loaded perches that keep squirrels from getting to the bird seed. The squirrels can't get to the food but your birds can. It's the perfect combination.

Standing over 15 inches tall, this Squirrel-Proof Hopper Feeder has clear sides so you can see quickly when the feeder needs to be re-filled. Of course, the squirrel-proof design lets you go a little longer between re-fills because those pesky squirrels won't be eating all of your bird food!