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Squirrel-Proof Nyjer Feeder

Nyjer-loving birds will have this bird feeder all to themselves since pesky squirrels fall off the three spring-loaded perches as quickly as they climbed on.
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Enjoy watching gold finches and other songbirds when you put up this Squirrel-Proof Nyjer Feeder. It's big, lightweight and designed to let your birds eat their meal of nyjer seed in peace. No squirrels allowed!

  • Strong as steel: Steel springs and stainless steel port guards protect your bird seed from hungry squirrels
  • 3 seed ports: Several birds can eat together at the three spring-loaded perches
  • 24 inches tall: Stock up nyjer seed because this bird feeder can hold up to 1.3 quarts of bird food
  • Simple to use: Lightweight lid slips up the hanger, making it easy to re-fill this nyjer seed feeder
  • Twice the baffles: Most squirrel-proof bird feeders have just one baffle but the Squirrel-Proof Nyjer Feeder is protected by two baffles to keep squirrels away and seed dry

Hungry pine siskins, chickadees, finches and other small birds will give you hours of bird watching enjoyment as they eat at this Squirrel-Proof Nyjer Feeder.

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