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Squirrel-Proof Songbird Feeder

Designed to frustrate squirrels while offering lots of fresh bird seed to songbirds, this bird feeder offers hours of bird watching enjoyment.
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The Squirrel-Proof Songbird Feeder does one job well - it keeps squirrels from getting into your bird seed. That allows your birds to enjoy the seed you put out, and helps you feel confident that the food you offer is going to songbirds and other small birds. Nuisance birds like starlings and grackles will also have trouble getting to the bird seed. They are just too heavy.

This bird feeder works because three spring-loaded perches are at the bottom of the feeder, with two baffles above them. The seed ports at which the birds eat are protected by stainless steel guards. Squirrels have trouble getting past the baffles and even if they do, the seed ports will close from the heavy weight of large birds or squirrels on the perches - making it nearly impossible for them to eat the food you put out for smaller songbirds.

The clear tube holds over 1 quart of bird seed, and the lid slides up the stainless steel hanger for easy re-filling. This bird feeder is a total of 2 feet long, but comes apart easily when you unlock the three tabs. Easy to re-fill and easy to clean, the Squirrel-Proof Songbird Feeder offers a great way to enjoy watching songbirds.