Squirrel Resistant Suet Feeder

You'll attract more birds and fewer squirrels with this feeder! Smaller suet-loving birds can eat in peace while squirrels, starlings and other pests go in search of easier food.
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This is one flexible squirrel-proof suet feeder. It lets small birds eat through the cage while larger clinger birds like woodpeckers eat below.

There is a removable plate that sits under the suet which you can add or remove. Once removed, larger suet-loving birds like red-bellied woodpeckers and flickers can join their smaller friends at your suet feeder. Don't want to attract large birds? You can leave the plate in place, making this feeder the perfect choice for smaller clinger birds.

From chickadees and nuthatches to warblers and woodpeckers, this Squirrel Resistant Suet Feeder will attract neighborhood birds with high-energy suet (and they don't have to share with starlings or squirrels).