Stainless Steel Thistle Feeder

A half dozen finches, chickadees and sparrows can feed comfortably together with this durable thistle feeder. It's designed to thwart squirrels, and you can pick the color that looks best in your yard (this feeder comes in yellow or green).
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If you are looking for a finch feeder that is easy to use and made to last season after season, this Stainless Steel Thistle Feeder is a great choice:
  • Easy to hang. The attached metal loop makes putting up this feeder a snap!
  • Easy to fill. Just slide the metal cap up the metal loop for quick access to the bird seed. You can offer up to 1.5 lbs of bird seed at a time with this 15 inch tall feeder.
  • Welcomes lots of birds. The six metal perches allow a half dozen birds to feed at the same time. From finches to chickadees, songbirds will love the thistle seed you offer.
  • Discourages squirrels! The metal cap and base are impossible for squirrels to gnaw through. They won't be able to get at the bird seed that way!
  • Two colors to choose from. The Stainless Steel Thistle Feeder comes in green and yellow, so choose one or both in order to attract more birds.

    Made in USA