Swirling Glass Hummingbird Feeder

The oval blown glass has a twist of blue or green mixed in, adding a new look to a traditional glass hummingbird feeder. The simple design, along with the over-sized hook, make this a classic in any hummingbird-lover's yard.
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When you think about adding a new hummingbird feeder to your yard, why not consider a Swirling Glass Hummingbird Feeder? The subtle colors that are mixed into the blown glass make the piece even more interesting, while the oval design creates contrast with many traditional feeders.

The large over-sized hook serves two purposes. It provides a secure hanger on which this blown glass feeder can hang. You may also find hummingbirds perched on it between feedings. It's a wonderful little touch that's included with this Swirling Glass Hummingbird Feeder.

Tube feeders can sometimes drip nectar if they are not tightly sealed. Make sure you fill this hummingbird feeder to the top with nectar each time, and then firmly attach the stopper and feeding tube. By creating a vacuum, you help ensure the nectar is still there when the hummingbirds come to feed.