Easy Clean Thistle Feeder

Love feeding birds but hate to clean the feeder? This textured green feeder looks great and is designed to be easy to keep clean.
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When you decide it's time to add a new thistle or nyjer seed feeder to your yard, you want one that attracts a lot of birds, looks great and is easy to use. This Easy Clean Thistle Feeder is a wonderful choice.

The textured finish adds a different look to the feeder, and it's fun to watch the birds going to and from the spruce green feeder. The tube on the bird feeder has a base that removes easily, allowing you to clean and restock the feeder quickly and without a lot of mess.

And since it's over 5 inches around and over 12 inches tall, this feeder can hold plenty of bird seed. The Easy Clean Thistle Feeder has perches all around the feeder so you can enjoy watching several birds eating at the feeder at the same time.

Made in USA