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Tiny Wren House

Wrens are precious little songbirds that love to nest in tiny houses. This one is just their size, with a tiny 1 1/8" entrance hole to deter predators and larger birds from coming into the nest.
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A tiny house for birds is just what wrens are looking for. It's 6" x 7" x 6.5" and can hang from the attached hook or with a screw. However you decide to mount it, wrens are sure to notice this Tiny Wren House that is designed specially for them.

This bird house is made from durable western red cedar and has a pivoting clean out on the bottom of the bird house. If you take good care of this Tiny Wren House and clean it out after the wren family moves on, you may enjoy season after season of nesting wrens in your yard.

Made in USA