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Unique Metal Hummingbird Feeder

Looking for a hummingbird feeder that makes a statement? This stunning metal hummingbird feeder is painted red to attract lots of hummingbirds to your yard, and has a dish for nectar resting in the center. Such a wonderful design!
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Hummingbirds are attracted to the color red, and this flower-shaped hummingbird feeder is made from metal and then painted red. Hanging over 21 inches tall, this Unique Metal Hummingbird Feeder is sure to stand out from your other feeders and get the attention of nearby hummingbirds.

The Unique Metal Hummingbird Feeder is a work of art, and deserves a special place in your garden. It's well-designed and includes everything you need to attract hummingbirds. Just add nectar.

  • Solid metal craftsmanship: The solid metal design of this hummingbird feeder make it more than just a bird feeder. It is a decoration that adds color and interest to any yard.
  • Red painted flower petals: Colorful flower petals are sure to get noticed by friends and hummingbirds alike. The flower and petals making up this Unique Metal Hummingbird Feeder are 16 inches across.
  • Nectar-filled bowl: In the center of this beautiful hummingbird feeder is the bowl of nectar that hummingbirds really want. The lid of the nectar holder is quickly removed to allow easy access for re-filling the feeder.

When you choose a hummingbird feeder, whether for yourself or as a gift for anyone else, you want a well-made and beautiful feeder that hummingbirds will use. This Unique Metal Hummingbird Feeder really delivers.