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Vintage Painted Hummingbird Feeder

Red glass and a 9" tall square bottle give this feeder a vintage look, while the painted garden and red flowers on the base attract hummingbirds. It's a timeless combination of form and function.
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Hummingbird feeders come in all shapes and sizes, and this Vintage Painted Hummingbird Feeder has a lot of features that make it special. From it's metal hanger to the decorative glass design, this humming feeder can't be missed:

  • Red glass: Add your favorite clear hummingbird nectar to this feeder and you can forget about food coloring. The red glass makes it unnecessary and gives you all the red color you would want to attract hummingbirds.
  • Unique square shape: Why have a plain glass bottle when you can have something a little more unique? The square shape contrasts nicely with most round hummingbird feeders and adds interest to your yard.
  • Painted base with flowers: Four flower feeding ports are perfectly framed on a beautiful floral painted background base. Red, pink and green colors call out for the attention of hungry hummingbirds and this feeder delivers.

When you want to attract neighborhood hummingbirds to your yard, start with a well-made hummingbird feeder in bright colors. This Vintage Painted Hummingbird Feeder is nearly 5" across and 9.5" tall, and it has lots of little touches you are sure to appreciate. Just add nectar and sit back to enjoy watching hummingbird as they feed!