Wavy Glass Hummingbird Feeder

Bright yellow flowers and a perch that goes all the way around the feeder make it a special place for hummingbirds to come to feed. They are sure to appreciate the hummingbird food you fill it with too!
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Hummingbirds have long been a favorite of backyard birders, and this Wavy Glass Hummingbird Feeder is a beautiful way to attract hummingbirds.

  • The wavy glass bottle adds a sense of motion and interest to this feeder, making it a fun addition to your yard

  • The bright colored base (complete with bright yellow flowers) is sure to get the attention of nearby hummingbirds

  • The perch completely circles this Wavy Glass Hummingbird Feeder, giving hummers a place to rest between meals

The glass bottle quickly comes off the feeder for re-filling and cleaning, and it holds up to 16 ounces of hummingbird food. At less than 10 inches tall, this hummingbird feeder is packed full of features that you and your hummingbirds are sure to enjoy!