Easy Open Bluebird Nesting Box

It's easy to check on your bluebird visitors with this beautiful bluebird home. It's designed to be comfortable for both you and your bluebirds to use.
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Bluebirds are colorful, friendly and loyal birds who will return to inviting nesting sites year after year. This handcrafted bluebird house is just what they are looking for! The Easy Open Bluebird Nesting Box is the perfect choice for people who want to attract Western and Mountain Bluebirds. With the larger 1 9/16 inch entrance hole, your favorite bluebirds will feel right at home.

Plus it's easy for bluebird landlords to keep an eye on their visitors with this bluebird house. The Easy Open Bluebird Nesting Box has got a swinging side door that allows you to monitor the box. Mount it about 5-6 feet off the ground (ideally with a guard or baffle underneath) for perfect viewing and nesting conditions.

Made in USA