Window Suet Feeder

See woodpeckers, nuthatches and other clinger birds up close with this unique Window Suet Feeder. It's not often you get a chance to see some of your favorite suet-loving birds like this.
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If you've never seen a woodpecker up close, then you are really going to get a treat when you put up this Window Suet Feeder. It has a special tail prop that is made to help woodpeckers feel more comfortable eating at the feeder, and two strong suction cups to hold the feeder tight to the window.

Woodpeckers aren't the only birds that like suet. Nuthatches and chickadees are also huge fans, and you can attract a variety of different birds by offering different kinds of cakes. This bird feeder holds a standard suet or seed cake, so you can mix up the food you offer and see what birds come to eat at this window bird feeder.

Made in USA