Wood Bluebird House with Guard

Hard-crafted from wood, this bluebird house includes a predator guard to keep aggressive predators at bay. It's a home that is made to provide a great place for bluebirds and other songbirds to nest.
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At just over 7-inches square and a foot tall, this Wood Bluebird House with Guard is the perfect size for bluebirds. Plus this birdhouse has a lot of features that are made to keep your birds healthier:

  • Ventilation and built in drainage helps make the nesting box more comfortable for nesting bluebirds
  • Front door with latch makes it easy for you to get in and clean out the birdhouse but hard for predators to open
  • Predator guard on the front of the birdhouse helps keep the baby birds out of the reach of predators like raccoons

If you want a bluebird house that's built to help make your nesting bluebirds healthy and safe, this Wood Bluebird House with Guard is a great palce to start.