Wooden Stable Platform Feeder

Warblers, finches and other small songbirds can eat in peace at this feeder designed just for them. The platform feeder has small entry holes that are just the right size for the small backyard birds you want to attract. Larger birds just can't get it!
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If you are searching for the perfect gift for a horse-lover, look no further than this bird feeder designed to look like a horse barn. It's a clever way to feed birds and celebrate a love of horses at the same time!

Finches and other small seed-loving birds will feed easily at this bird feeder. Made of wood and beautiful to look at, the Wooden Stable Platform Feeder is different than a lot of platform bird feeders.

Traditional platform feeders give large birds easy access to the bird seed too. Not this bird feeder. Crows and jays don't stand a chance of comfortably getting into this Wooden Stable Platform Feeder. They'll just move on to easier feeders, leaving your songbirds to eat in peace!