Suet Woodpecker Feeder

Few birds are as interesting to watch as woodpeckers, and this bird feeder is made for them. Designed for their comfort, this suet feeder has an extended tail prop for their long tails, which they use for balance while eating.
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One of the first things you notice about this Suet Woodpecker Feeder is its unique design. The feeder holds suet, a woodpecker favorite, and also has a long angled bottom panel which woodpeckers use to balance while eating. The tail prop is the perfect addition to a suet feeder, since it gives woodpeckers added security.

The suet cage holds a standard 5 x 5 inch suet cake, and comes in two colors so you can pick what will look best in your yard. Choose a solid hunter green color or a feeder with green and sand coloring.

Both versions of this Suet Woodpecker Feeder are made from environmentally-friendly materials. You'll like the durability of this feeder; it's made of recycled plastic and is easy to clean and re-fill.

If you've ever wanted to attract woodpeckers to your yard, a suet feeder is the perfect choice. While woodpeckers will occasionally eat other bird food like mealworms or seeds, they really prefer suet. This feeder is built just for woodpeckers and is the perfect feeder to attract woodpeckers to your feeding station.