Embossed Bronze Bird Feeder

This lightweight bird seed feeder is the perfect size for your songbirds. The color glistens in the sun and chickadees, finches and titmice are common visitors to this Embossed Bronze Bird Feeder.
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Don't let the price fool you. This Embossed Bronze Bird Feeder has everything you are looking for in a seed feeder.

  • A lid that can be removed with the push of a button; just slide it up the cable and re-fill your bird feeder
  • An attractive cover that also helps keep birds and bird seed dry in the rain
  • A tray that does double-duty, providing a place for birds to perch and serving as a seed-catcher to prevent waste
  • A heavy-duty cable that makes hanging this bird feeder a cinch
  • And did we mention the beautiful embossed design and bronze color on this feeder

You will be impressed with the elegant look and feel of this bird seed feeder. Even cardinal birds, which can be picky about what bird feeders they will eat at, are comfortable on this feeder.

It's well-made and designed to handle the attention it will get from your backyard birds. Weighing less than a pound and pint-sized at 9.75L x 8.00W x 8.00H, this Embossed Bronze Bird Feeder fits nicely anywhere you want to hang a bird feeder up to attract birds.