Nesting Bird Bell

Hummingbirds and songbirds need look no further than your yard for nesting materials with this compact and pre-filled nesting package.
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Looking for a great way to attract birds to your yard? This Nesting Bird Bell can be used year-round to attract birds.

  • Spring and Summer: Many birds nest from Spring to Summer. This all-weather bell comes filled with a mix of string, aspen and hemp fibers, cotton and feathers so nesting songbirds and hummingbirds have easy-to-use nesting supplies.
  • Fall and Winter: During late summer and into the winter, birds spend less time nesting and more time searching for food. When the weather turns colder, this Nesting Bird Bell can be filled with suet or a seed bell to help feed backyard birds.

Although it's only 6-inches across and tall, the Nesting Bird Bell can play a big part in attracting birds to your yard. It comes filled with nesting supplies to start with, and can be re-filled with more nesting supplies or bird food.

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