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Premier Bluebird Nesting Box

High quality is the only description that fits this beautiful wood birdhouse. Made from cedar and with all of the attention to detail that discerning bird watchers expect, you will be pleased with the way this Premier Bluebird Nesting Box has been designed.
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Here are just a few of the features we think will make this one of your favorite wood bluebird nesting boxes:

  • The right materials: The cedar wood on this Premier Bluebird Nesting Box is rough, making it easy for bluebirds to land on (and for nestlings to cling to). The edges of the wood are also rounded to reduce scratches.
  • The perfect size: 10 inches across and 6 1/2 inches deep, this birdhouse stands 14 3/4 inches tall and has the 1 1/2 inch entrance hole perfectly positioned at 7 3/4 inches from the bottom.
  • Great ventilation: The large slots under the roof provide great ventilation but the roof overhang stops rain from running into the birdhouse.
  • Built in predator guard: No need to add a predator guard to this bluebird house. It's already there. The guard helps deter animals and larger birds who might try to get into the nest and attack nestlings.
  • Nest lift: Keeps your bluebird nest dry and makes it safer for the little ones! The nest lift helps reduce blow flies, parasites, and other pests that can hurt young birds.
  • Hinged side panel: Whether you are monitoring the baby bluebirds or cleaning out the home at the end of the season, the hinged side panel gives you easy access to the nest area.

    Made in USA