Bluebirds are many a birdwatcher's favorite bird because they offer a little of everything: attractive colors, a gentle song and a fierce appetite for mealworms (which squirrels won't try to eat)!

male bluebird feeding baby bluebird


The U.S. is home to three bluebird species: western bluebirds, mountain bluebirds and eastern bluebirds.

Bluebirds can often be tempted into your yard with the offer of mealworms.

With colors ranging from light blue to deep royal, bluebirds are a bright-colored addition to any backyard.

Bluebirds make their nests in tall, narrow bird houses and look for easy-to-reach mealworm feeders. Keep your yard stocked with both and see if you can attract a bluebird to your yard.

natural bluebird nesting box
bluebird eating mealworms at feeder

Credits: Males Eastern Bluebird With Baby by steve_byland via