Red Crystal Glass Hummingbird Feeder

If you want a top-quality hummingbird feeder with vibrant colors and a base made of solid copper, this feeder has it all! The bright red crystal glass is just the beginning of the special touches you will notice as soon as you get this hummingbird feeder.
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When you see this Red Crystal Glass Hummingbird Feeder, one of the first things you will notice is the beautiful red faceted glass that holds the hummingbird nectar (up to 16 ounces). The crystal glass is a deep ruby red color that quickly attracts hummingbirds to the feeder.

The solid copper base is another stunning addition to the hummingbird feeder, with cut out flower-shaped openings that let several hummingbirds eat at the same time. The copper base also provides a place for hummingbirds to rest or stand on while eating.

Standing a foot tall and nearly six inches across, this hummingbird feeder is easy to keep clean and hangs comfortably from the included chain. The Red Crystal Glass Hummingbird Feeder is a thoughtfully-designed and well-made hummingbird feeder that you will be proud to have in your yard.

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