Red Plexiglas Baffle

Attract the attention of hummingbirds with this bright red baffle, or keep squirrels away from a favorite seed feeder. This colorful baffle is flexible enough to do both! Plus the included chain and hooks allow you to adjust the baffle up or down to fit almost any location.
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Whether you are attracting hummingbirds or deterring squirrels, this baffle can help:

  • Attract Hummingbirds: Everyone knows that hummingbirds love the color red and are attracted to it. But what if your favorite hummingbird feeder is green or blue? Amazing hummingbird feeders come in every color now, so you can add excitement to any hummingbird feeder with this bright Red Plexiglass Baffle.
  • Keep Squirrels Away: Squirrels can empty a bird seed feeder in just a few hours (or less). Keep them out of your bird seed feeders with this colorful squirrel baffle. The guard protects your bird seed and lets birds eat in peace!

This Red Plexiglass Baffle also helps protect your birds and their food from rain or snow. It's large enough to work (13" x 17" x 8.00") but the dome still lets you see through it so you can enjoy bird watching.

Made in USA

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