Rust & Squirrel Proof Feeder

Squirrels love eating bird seed from bird feeders as much as your birds, so this Rust & Squirrel Proof Feeder is a "must-have" for a busy yard. Designed to keep squirrels out and built to last, this feeder has all of the features you need to attract seed-eating songbirds!

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Indigo buntings, grosbeaks, finches and other songbirds eat comfortably at this well-made feeder. It has lots of details that make it the perfect choice for bird lovers around the country. Your birds can enjoy a good meal while you sit back and watch!

  • Squirrel-proof mechanism is flexible and allows you to adjust the weight settings (but you probably won't need to). This feeder comes set to keep even small red squirrels out of your bird seed so try it out!
  • Adjustable perches also allow you to encourage favorite birds to feed. You can shorten the perches so only small birds like chickadees and finches can eat. If you want to attract a wider range of birds like grosbeaks and buntings too, simply extend the perches.
  • Good ventilation is created by the water-proof vents (which have actually been patented) in the top of this Rust & Squirrel Proof Feeder. It allows air to circulate - keeping the bird seed fresh longer!
  • Easy to use and simple to keep clean, this feeder is dishwasher safe. You don't need special tools to take it apart. Just separate the pieces and put them in the dishwasher to get clean. Remember that birds need fresh food and a clean feeder.

Holding up to 3 quarts of bird seed, this is the perfect feeder for an enthusiastic bird watcher!

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