Window Hummingbird Feeder and Hanger

Watch hummingbirds up close as they drink from this tiny feeder that hangs from your window! Seeing up to three hummingbirds eating from this hummingbird feeder is a real treat, and you'll be just inches away as they go to and from your feeder.
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If you love to see hummingbirds as they zip to and from your feeder, you are really going to like this. The 12 ounce Window Hummingbird Feeder and Hanger is a great combination that will let you watch hummingbirds from the other side of a window. Even though it's around 5 inches around, it's got huge potential.

It's easy to setup and clean. The included hanger attaches to your window, making it easy to put up and take down for re-filling. It has three bee-resistant feeding ports that encourage hummingbirds (not bees). Just add hummingbird nectar - there's really nothing else you need.

Just imagine the fun you will have watching hummingbirds at this window feeder.

Made in USA