Double Oriole Feeder

It's like getting two feeders in one! Offer oriole birds jelly or meal worms and oranges or other fruits at the same feeder and you'll have a better chance at attracting those orioles you've been watching!
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This bird feeder is flexible enough to adjust to your bird-feeding needs. Whether you want to attract oriole birds in the spring or migrating birds in the fall, you can use this versatile feeder to attract a variety of birds. Just choose the food that's right for the bird you want to attract:
  1. Orioles. Grape jelly and oranges are the best way we know of to attract orioles. Offer both and, if there are any orioles nearby, you are sure to get their attention.
  2. Bluebirds and cardinals. Nothing will attract bluebirds like offering up fresh meal worms. Just put a few out regularly and see when the bluebirds start to come visit.
  3. Songbirds. Instead of grape jelly, fill the cup with a suet ball and watch as some of your favorite songbirds eat it right up!
  4. Nuthatches, jays & flickers. Peanuts are a great way to attract a variety of interesting birds. From nuthatches to flickers, you never know what you'll see when you offer peanuts.

You can offer fresh fruit, jelly, suet, peanuts or another favorite bird food with this Double Oriole Feeder. It comes with a colorful chain to make hanging it up easy. What more can you ask for (except maybe two)?

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