Orange Oriole Feeder Cover

Whether you are feeding migrating orioles or get visited by these friendly birds year-round, it's easy to add a bright orange cover to your oriole feeder! Hang your feeder from this baffle to add protection from the elements. Plus the orange roof gets the attention of nearby orioles.
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Whether you are offering nectar or oranges at your favorite oriole bird feeder, this Orange Oriole Feeder Cover will help keep them fresh a little longer. The shade will help keep nectar fresh in your nectar feeders, and oranges or jelly won't get wet if it rains a little.

Orioles love the color orange so this is the ideal way to get their attention. The 12-inch baffle is a great way to welcome orioles to your yard! Remember that feeders are not included. To add a new oriole feeder, check out our oriole feeders in the Fruit & Nuts Feeder area.

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