Wide Mouth Hummingbird Feeder

Created with hummingbird health in mind, this feeder looks good and is easy to keep clean. The base of the Wide Mouth Hummingbird Feeder comes apart for fast cleaning and re-filling of nectar.
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Part of caring for hummingbirds is helping them stay healthy. This hummingbird feeder is dishwasher safe (put it on the top rack - just to be safe) and has a wide mouth design to help you get the feeder clean between fillings. With this feeder, you can relax and enjoy watching your neighborhood hummingbirds - knowing that they are eating healthy at your Wide Mouth Hummingbird Feeder.

In addition to being easy to clean and nice to look at, the Wide Mouth Hummingbird Feeder keeps more of the nectar in for your hummingbirds. The base is designed to be bee-resistant and to not drip. What a great combination.