Ceramic Birdbath with Bird

The details on this birdbath are what makes it fun! A small ceramic bird sits on the edge of the birdbath, adding interest to what is already a really attractive birdbath. It's the perfect size for birds big and small.
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When you think about adding a birdbath to your yard, you want to make sure you pick the perfect piece. Many people keep the same birdbath for years, so it has to be interesting. This Ceramic Birdbath with Bird may be just what you are looking for:

  • Distinctive colors. The teal color makes a strong statement in even the most colorful yard.
  • Beautiful materials. The ceramic bowl is just over 11 inches across with a thick lip for birds to rest on.
  • A creative accent. A whimsical little bird perches on this birdbath to add a touch of fun.
  • The perfect depth. Not too deep or too shallow, the 2 inch deep bowl is just the right size.
  • Easy setup. Just hang the ceramic bowl on the sturdy hooks and add water!

To make this the perfect bath for all of your songbirds, add a few twigs to the water so they have somewhere to stand and keep the water fresh. These littler details can make a big difference for your backyard birds.