Shatter-Resistant Birdbath

If you want a birdbath (in red clay or green) that can stand up to the elements and still look amazing, the beautiful 20-inch wide bowl on this birdbath has the glossy finish and durable design you are looking for.
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This birdbath is created to withstand everyday use, and it can be left out until freezing temperatures arrive in the winter. The gorgeous finish adds an elegant look to the bowl, while the UV coating also helps keep the bowl from fading or getting stained.

The included 23-inch metal stand can be folded for winter storage, and the is easy to set up in the spring. The bowl fits perfectly into the base, and it rests on four soft rubber prongs that keep it secure. Made of fiber clay (with a little plastic mixed in there for added durability), the Shatter-Resistant Birdbath stands above many of its competitors.

The bowl itself is about 20 inches around, and 3 1/2 inches deep. If hummingbirds and other small birds are likely to visit your Shatter-Resistant Birdbath, put a few pebbles or sticks in the bottom and keep the water shallow. It will make them more comfortable!