Shallow Heated Birdbath

This birdbath fits almost anywhere! The 15 inch basin and shallow heated bowl make it a great choice for bird lovers with big or small yards. With three options for mounting, it fits into smaller spaces and still provides plenty of fresh water in which birds can drink and preen.
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It's hard for songbirds to find fresh water year-round. That's why they flock to birdbaths, especially in the winter. This Shallow Heated Birdbath is just the right size and keeps water from freezing in cold weather (down to -10 degrees).

It's got everything you need to provide fresh water for your backyard birds in winter as well as year round. Plus when the weather warms up, the electrical cord can be tucked in and the birdbath can be used without the heater.

Whether you want to mount this versatile birdbath to a deck, on a post or even just place it on the ground, this Shallow Heated Birdbath keeps water from freezing and offers backyard birds fresh water year-round. Choose the location that works best for you, then just fill up this birdbath and sit back to enjoy watching the birds that come to visit.