Heated Cedar Deck Birdbath

When the weather turns cold you'll find cardinals, chickadees and jays in search of fresh water. This Heated Cedar Birdbath will keep water from freezing, giving wintering birds a place to drink on your deck or fence while you watch from the comfort of your home.
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When you think about how to attract birds to your yard, a birdbath may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But during cold weather, birds will look for a fresh water source and stay nearby. When you add this Heated Cedar Birdbath to your yard, you'll be giving birds a place to find water and they might just stick around to nest nearby in spring.

This birdbath has a cedar base so it holds up well to the elements, and the heated 1-inch deep pan keeps the water in the birdbath from freezing. From fall to spring, you'll see all sorts of birds if you keep your Heated Cedar Birdbath filled and clean.

The 12-inch AC cord plugs into almost any outdoor extension cord, making it easy to move to the perfect location. You can mount this birdbath on a deck rail (up to 15 inches wide) or fence, and the brackets you need for mounting are included.

This Heated Cedar Birdbath is made to stand up to cold winters and look good year-round, giving you and your backyard birds a place to hang out all year.

Made in USA

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