Colorful Spiral Finch Feeder

Choose between a bright yellow or green finch feeder, add thistle (a goldfinch's favorite food) and then enjoy the finches that come to visit this durable and attractive Colorful Spiral Finch Feeder.
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This Colorful Spiral Finch Feeder is more than just a beautiful bird feeder. It's made of durable stainless steel and aluminum, and holds up to 1 1/2 pounds of thistle bird seed. That's a lot of food for your hungry finches, and that's only the beginning:

  • Spiral perch allows gold finches (and other thistle-loving birds) to go up and down the feeder easily, eating at the many feeding ports as they go. It's quite a sight to see them moving along the spiral rail.
  • Available in yellow or green so you can choose the color that looks best in your yard.
  • Very functional design of the locking lid keeps squirrels from eating your thistle seed from the top. Need to clean your feeder? It's easy to twist off the bottom to empty out old seed and clean out your feeder.
  • Easy to hang with the attached cable. The top of the bird feeder conveniently ties into the hanging cable so you never have to worry about losing it!

Plus get this exclusive offer: Save 40% off the Spiral Feeder Tray when you buy this Colorful Spiral Finch Feeder. The optional clear tray screws into the bottom of this feeder to attract a variety of different birds to your back yard.