Vibrant Seed Feeder

You won't believe how many different birds will eat at this bird feeder (which comes in 3 colors). Red cardinals, purple finches, red-winged blackbirds, grosbeaks and buntings are all attracted to this vibrant seed feeder.
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It's easy to see why birds like this feeder so much. Add a favorite food like black-oil sunflower seeds to this well-designed feeder and you'll start to notice all kinds of birds in your yard.

One of the great features of this Vibrant Seed Feeder is the way it allows birds of different sizes to eat comfortably together. It's not uncommon to see a finch eating beside a cardinal. Smaller birds will eat right from the feeding ports while larger birds stand on the circular perch and grab the seeds from the side. It's fun to watch!

You don't waste a lot of seed with this feeder either. The patented locking mechanism makes it easy for you to re-fill the feeder, while keeping aggressive squirrels away from the bird food. As birds eat the seed, the feeder dispenses just enough to re-fill the tray. This keeps the feeder well stocked for your backyard birds.

Available in four vibrant colors (red, blue, copper and brown), this feeder is approximately 8" x 8" across and 9.25" tall.

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