Compact Clinger Bird Feeder

Available in red or green and made just for small clinger birds like goldfinches, nuthatches and titmice, this feeder comes fully assembled. Just add bird seed and hang it up!
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Small songbirds that cling to bird feeders to eat will love this Compact Clinger Bird Feeder. It holds 3.5 - 4 cups of bird seed, and has an easily-removable lid that makes re-filling the feeder a cinch!

Large birds like grackles, starlings and pigeons won't have a chance at this feeder, and will eventually leave it alone for your smaller songbirds to use. Plus the plastic bird feeder is heavy duty and UV resistant, providing protection from fading in the sunshine.

You can choose either the green or red Compact Clinger Bird Feeder (or even pick one of each color). They are about 8 inches around and will hang almost anywhere!