Recycled Plastic Hopper Feeder

Green is more than just a color with this bird feeder. Made of recycled plastic, this seed feeder is a great way to help birds (in more ways than one). They'll enjoy the bird seed while you watch - knowing you are doing your part to help!
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Attract birds with this Recycled Plastic Hopper Feeder. Want to learn more about this feeder? The simple, thoughtful design make it a great choice to attract seed-eating birds to your yard.

  • The perfect size: Standing 10" high and 10.5" long by 9" wide, this bird feeders holds up to 2.5 quarts of your favorite bird seed. Whether you want to offer sunflower seeds or a seed mix, this feeder holds enough bird seed to keep birds well fed.

  • Easy to keep clean: The recycled plastic can be cleaned with soap and water, or using a simple cleaning solution.

  • Looks great for years to come: This Recycled Plastic Hopper Feeder won't chip or crack. Many birds will eat at a feeder year after year, so you'll be able to enjoy watching birds at this seed feeder for a long time.

While this feeder is great at attracting birds, like many seed feeders it may also attract squirrels. Add a squirrel baffle or cayenne-pepper laced bird seed to your feeding station keep squirrels away so you can enjoy watching your birds eat in peace.

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