Copper-Finished Birdbath

The beautiful copper color and durable steel materials on this bird bath will give you years of enjoyment. Get a front row view of wild birds drinking, splashing and bathing in this beautiful bird bath.
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Cardinals, bluebirds, hummingbirds and other backyard birds are sure to notice when you add fresh water to your yard. Birds are in search of a convenient place to get fresh water year-round, and this Copper-Finished Birdbath is the perfect combination of form and function.

  • Stunning copper colors: The copper finish on the bowl adds color to any garden, and the protective coating helps make sure the bird bath stays beautiful in any weather.
  • Large bowl: At over twelve inches in diameter and two inches deep, the bowl on this Copper-Finished Birdbath is just the right size for a variety of backyard birds. It also slips in and out of the stand easily.
  • 22-inch steel stand: The decorative stand is included with the bird bath, and is almost two feet tall. The curved legs add a little extra interest to the bird bath, and help make sure it stays firmly grounded while your birds bathe.

This beautiful Copper-Finished Birdbath looks great in any yard and is the perfect addition to a bird-lover's yard. Just add water and a small twig or two for littler birds to stand on, and then sit back and see which ones come to visit.

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