Mesh Floor Bluebird House

With a raised mesh floor and a side window to let you watch the nesting bluebird family, this bluebird house is packed with features both you and your visiting bluebirds are sure to appreciate.
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There is a lot more to this Mesh Floor Bluebird House than meets the eye:

  • Made of cedar: Long regarded as one of the best materials for bird houses, cedar is naturally durable and weather-resistant. This bird house has also been coated with a light preservative to extend the life of the wood.
  • Side viewing window: With a clear acrylic window on the side, this Mesh Floor Bluebird House offers bird watchers the opportunity to peek in on nesting bluebirds. It's easy to keep track of your house guests with this home.
  • A mesh floor: The elevated mesh floor sits above the wooden birdhouse bottom to help keep the nest area free from blowflies and gnats.
  • Built in predator guard: Another welcome feature of the Mesh Floor Bluebird House is the guard that discourages aggressive predators.
  • Flexible mounting options: Whether you want to mount this bluebird nesting box on a pole or flush mount it to a post? that's OK because you have the flexibility to do either with this bluebird house.

When you choose a new bluebird house, pick one that is rich in featured and made to last. The Mesh Floor Bluebird House is a great way to get to learn more about bluebirds and at this price, you can get more than just one.