Red Cedar Wren House

Wrens are such friendly and vocal songbirds that many people want to make a home for them nearby. This wren house is crafted from rough red cedar, making it the perfect nesting location for these tiny and cheerful songbirds.
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Wrens are fun to watch and they will nest near people without too much concern (just make sure not to bother their nest). As the mom and dad wrens go to and from this Red Cedar Wren House, they'll often sing and flit around your yard. It's a real treat to watch them build their nests and then raise a family.

Designed with wrens in mind, this Red Cedar Wren House is just 5" by 4" wide, and 7 1/2" tall. With a 1.25" front door and a side clean out, it's just what you need to encourage wrens to nest in your yard year after year.

Made in USA